Why I'm Thankful for Adversity


2017 has been a challenging and eventful year for me punctuated by my recent bold or “crazy” (according to my closest friends) decision to resign from my job of 18 months despite a major promotion, raise, and stock bonus looming so I could recommit all of my time and resources toward doing what I love—working for myself; specifically, building my own business, Enrich My Brand. While that’s how my story of 2017 seems to be ending, it is a far cry from how it began or where I imagined I’d be by this time.

Last Thanksgiving, I was thankful I so much as had a job; yes, after a brutal eight-month stretch of unemployment that saw me broke and crashing on my parents’ couch even after having secured a global MBA across three continents the previous year, that easily topped the list of things I was thankful for. Fast forward to this Thanksgiving and, although I remain grateful to my former employer for having provided me with gainful employment that yielded many new skills, much-needed professional experience, and several connections, I am especially thankful for listening to my own inner voice and taking the leap of faith I just did. 


During this season of self-reflection, of appreciating the people who’ve been there for us, who've helped us make progress, who’ve added value to our lives in some way big or small, I want to remind you to, in addition to these deserving individuals, also give yourself some credit for hanging in there through your fair share of trials and tribulations. Sometimes, people are either not brave enough or humble enough to ask for help when they’re in need. Also, in my view, it’s not only worth your while to have an attitude of gratitude toward the trusted people in your inner circle who helped you get through your most difficult challenges, it would also behoove you to be grateful you experienced those challenges in the first place and to yourself for showing the necessary resolve to triumph in spite of them. 

The inconvenient truth is, nothing builds character quite like adversity and overcoming it. So, be thankful for your lows as much as you are your highs, and be thankful for your life as much as you are the lives of the loved ones who make up your support system. Just as we’ve often heard that in whatever we do, enjoying the journey is as important as enjoying the destination, so, too is it important to appreciate the obstacles as you do having successfully navigated them. Besides, without our times in need, we wouldn’t even have the opportunity to know our friends indeed. 


As for me, having put all my chips in Enrich My Brand so I can pursue my passion of helping others bring their business visions and ideas to life through elegant brand identity design and compelling storytelling, I very much look forward to seeing how this year ends and what milestones my team and I would've have reached by next Thanksgiving. In all we do, we are driven by passion and I’m truly grateful for each of the clients we have gained in such a short time since we launched November 1st. Moreover, as the founder of Enrich My Brand, I personally pledge that no matter whether we have one client or 100 clients, we will treat each with a personal, VIP-esque attention befitting of a small but professional agency like ours. We look forward to helping you put your brand’s best face forward, one carefully crafted design and/or excellently drafted story at a time.

From our small but growing family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! May you and your loved ones remain blessed through the remainder of 2017 and may you prosper throughout 2018.

With love,

Kenny, Chief Wordsmith