The Importance of Brand Storytelling


In many ways, our lives are stories in which we are at once the author, protagonist, and antagonist, and each passing moment (day, month, or year) is but a chapter in the bigger narrative we get to write daily. Everyone has a story and that story is worth telling, but like with every story, whether it is good, mediocre, or bad depends on how it is told. As individuals, we all come from different walks of life and have experienced certain things that have informed our personality, character, and attitudes. These experiences make us who we are, establish our personal identity, and tell the world around us our unique story. 

The same is true for businesses and organizations. Your vision, ideas, and experiences also shape the story your brand seeks to tell your target audience. Did you start a digital marketing and consulting agency because you are passionate about helping others better tell their business's story? Did you start a nonprofit that rescues animals because you are an avid dog lover who rescued your last pet? Whatever the case, your personal frame of reference likely informed your business decision. Like in your personal life, ideally, your brand will tell an authentic story that communicates who you are, what you do, what you value, where you operate, and why--of the many stories told in the marketplace at the same time--customers in your industry should choose to care about yours


It is interesting how much of our lives are wound up in storytelling, from business to romantic pursuits. We've all heard about the elevator pitch, which is basically you telling the most condensed version of your idea or concept to someone in a position to help make it a legitimate business or successful venture. Also, in dating, we all try to sell ourselves by telling our most compelling story to our potential mate or love interest, especially at first. It is no different with branding; you must establish an authentic brand identity that tells your most compelling brand story to your target audience using language (visual and verbal) that is clear, concise, and consistent, leaving no room for confusion.

That is where a brand book comes in. A brand book is a comprehensive document that establishes your brand identity. It includes your boilerplate (about us), vision and mission statements, slogan or tagline, logos, design elements (business card, letterhead, envelope templates), writing style/voice, social media guidelines, etc. A brand book effectively establishes your brand's identity and personality so that your brand messaging, values and culture are always authentic and consistent. This creative asset comes in both PDF and PPT formats and is one of the best investments you can make to tell your business' most compelling story and enrich your brand.

Yours truly,

Kenny, Chief Wordsmith