How the Use of Social Media Can Ruin Your Brand

Starting a business and launching a brand; it seems as if everyone is doing that these days right? In case that isn’t enough pressure, have you also noticed that a social media presence is imperative to the success of your new venture? According to a 2017 report by Infusionsoft, a whopping 71 percent of small businesses and brands plan to use social media to gain new customers in 2018. New customers, clients and new interactions are the goals, but one must always be cognizant of the unique problems social media can bring your company.

Lack of Control Over Content Posted

Whenever you’re coming up with a new social media strategy, there are some key things that you want to keep in mind. Who all will have access to the social media accounts? Will one person be in charge or will multiple employees be working across the platforms? Your brand is delicate, and one undercooked post will leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, meaning you have to be extremely cautious when devising digital marketing tactics. Consider the tragic social media marketing snafu Snapchat had earlier this year. The social media powerhouse chose a less than ideal marketing tactic when they used the incident of domestic violence between singer  Rihanna, and her ex-boyfriend, singer Chris Brown, as a way to promote a new game. The post posed a question asking users if they would rather “slap Rihanna” or “punch Chris Brown.”  The ad was quickly removed after Rihanna herself issued a statement shaming them for making light of domestic violence after which Snapchat issued an apology on the matter stating that the ad was “approved in error.” Sounds like a classic case of not having enough control over what your brand is putting out in the atmosphere.

Negative Review Circulation

We have all seen the power of social media interactions! Perhaps you are like many other people who check a company’s reviews before making a purchase or booking their services. After all, an informed consumer is the best consumer, right? This is true, but when the reviews about a company are negative, take a moment to reflect on how that impacts your buying thought process. Now multiply that feeling times a couple thousand retweets/shares on various social media platforms. Brutal. We have seen it happen to some of the largest brands, from airlines like Delta to fast-food chains like Chipotle. One lousy customer review from a mistreated guest or the receiver of contaminated food can send your reputation down the drain, so being on the forefront of correcting poor customer care is paramount in maintaining reputations.

Nothing Special About You

The truth is, your company’s social media feed should not just be about you. Often times small businesses and brands take a step toward social media marketing, but entirely miss the target. Sure, you want your followers and potential customers to be well versed in the services and products you offer, but where is the balance? 45 percent of consumers will unfollow a brand on social media if their platform is dominated by self-promotion. If the vast majority of the content you post is a text-filled image advertising your rates and special offers, your social media won’t feel very… “social.” Remember that people follow businesses and brands because they want to feel engaged,  so don’t forget to give them an opportunity to do so.

Social media marketing is supposed to be a fun way to bring you closer to your target audience. Use your platform to your advantage, and allow your business and brand to be transparent, extremely informed and willing to engage. Statistics from Social Media Today tell us that 20 to 40 percent of consumers spend more money on brands who they are able to interact with. Why not put yourself in the proper position to experience this benefit? And of course, if you need a bit of direction, we at Enrich Your Brand can do just that!