EMB's Favorite Super Bowl Ads 2019

The game may not have been the most exciting, but the commercials are definitely something to talk about. Below, we’re highlighting some of our personal favorites from the night.

Bumble - #InHerCourt

This 60-second spot features world-famous Tennis champ Serena Williams encouraging women everywhere to stop waiting because the ball is in our court. Don’t wait for someone to give you the power, ladies, we already have it.

Stella Artois - Change Up The Usual

The ad for the beer company played on nostalgia by featuring the iconic heroine of the hit sitcom Sex And The City, Carrie Bradshaw, forgoing her trademark Cosmopolitan and instead ordering a Stella Artois. If it’s good enough for Carrie, it’s good enough for us.

Microsoft - We All Win

For it’s first Super Bowl ad in four years, Microsoft went for the heartstrings, and successfully tugged. The video introduces multiple children, all of whom suffer from some sort of physical disability, and shows how they too can play video games like anyone else thanks to Microsoft’s X-Box Adaptive Controller. PSA: grab your tissues before watching.

The Washington Post - Democracy Dies in Darkness

In a more serious tone, The Washington Post elected to run their first-ever TV spot, which was narrated by Tom Hanks and stressed the importance of journalism and the free press. It highlighted various reporters, including some of whom lost their lives while on the job. Decidedly unpolitical, this is a great reminder that journalists aren’t the bad guys, they’re just giving us the facts.

CBS All Access - The Twilight Zone

Whether you care about the ads or not, this one was sure to catch your attention. As the game seemingly returned from a commercial break, suddenly the screen cut to black and announced CBS was off the air. Moments later, it cuts to an empty football stadium and reveals it’s actually a teaser for the upcoming reboot of the anthology series The Twilight Zone hosted by Academy Award winner Jordan Peele.

Agree? Disagree? What were y’all’s favorites? Let us know!