Three Tools to Help You Measure Your Marketing ROI

When it comes to tracking and understanding your content ROI, things can get pretty confusing, pretty quickly. Even marketers with years of experience can sometimes struggle with effectively understanding ROI; in fact, only 39 percent of marketers consider themselves even remotely successful at it. So today, we wanted to make all of our lives a little easier and share three tools we have found that can help you understand how productive you are with your content marketing.


Built-In Social Media Analytics

Cost: Free

Not only is it free, but it’s also relatively easy to navigate once you understand the basics. Twitter Analytics is particularly user-friendly as it lays out for you how many people saw your tweet, number of profile visits, number of mentions, as well as how many people have followed or unfollowed you. It also allows you to see your most popular tweet through engagements, something particularly helpful when evaluating what kind of content your audience is seeking out.

Facebook offers very comparable analytics through insights that can help measure your exposure. It allows you to see detailed information on your posts, such as the number of paid likes vs. organic likes. It also shows you what time of day your followers are most active so you can post accordingly and the demographics of your followers.


Cost: Limited free version, $9.99/month for one user, $100+/month for large companies.

If you don’t already use Hootsuite to schedule out your posts, we would highly recommend you invest in an account. Essentially, it combines the analytics of all linked social media accounts and produces a comprehensive breakdown. The basic plan does offer a limited report, but of course, the more money you spend, the more detail you get.

Google Analytics

Cost: Free (There is also a premium version for large corporations that is $150,000/year)

Google Analytics is excellent for understanding the success of your website. It allows you to see the number of visitors, if they are new or repeat visitors, how they got to your site (Google search, social media, email campaigns, etc.), average time spent on the site and more. It’s also straightforward to set up, and you’re not required to have your website hosted by Google. This way, you know what to put money behind because you understand how visitors are finding you. Social Media posts? Do more promotion. Email links? More campaigns. Blog posts? More content. And so forth.


While there is a myriad of ways to measure your ROI, these are just a few of the tools we at Enrich My Brand find helpful. Contact us so we can help you and your business on your road to success via a robust digital marketing strategy.